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Glass & Splashbacks

At Harrow Glass, we can cut glass while you wait. Other types of glass, such as polishing. will have a longer lead time. 

Replacement Glass

We offer a variety of  replacement glass for your windows and doors, cut whilst you wait in clear, laminated, or the list of Pilkington textured in the following list

  • Flemish           

  • Minister               

  • Sycamore               

  • Autumn ​​​

  • Arctic             

  • Stippolyte           

  •  Cotswold

Each one of them the right glass samples has a clock behind it to illustrate the degree of privacy offered by the relevant pattern on the glass.

Polished Glass is where the sharp edges are removed with a machine creating a high-quality finish.

  •  Pencil Polished 

  •  Flat Polished           

  • Beveled Edge

Our experienced team of glass cutters offers precision glass-cutting services, tailored to the exact specifications of your project. We use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of work and guarantee satisfaction with every cut. With our competitive rates, you can trust us to provide the perfect solution for your glass-cutting needs.

Glass Patterns


We offer a variety of processing capabilities to mirrors such as bevelling, polishing, drilling or let us know your requirements and we can advise appropriately. Mirrors can also be made to measure or be shaped bevelled to your specifications.

  • Float Silver - 4mm or 6mm

  • Low Iron Silver – 4mm or 6mm

  • Grey Silver – 4mm or 6mm

  • Bronze Silver – 4mm or 6mm

  • Silver Antique – 6mm

  • Bronze Silver Antique – 6mm

  • Venetian Stripe Silver – 4mm

 The possibilities of how mirrors can be applied are limitless, our extensive range of mirror options are of high quality and to be tailored to your specific requirements.


Bathrooms and Kitchens can be transformed by having large panels of back-painted glass applied to the walls to give the surrounding room a clean, modern, and contemporary look. Just click on one of the listed standards, below to view the choice of colours.

To achieve a near-perfect colour match, low iron glass is recommended so the glass does not imperfect the final colour outcome. The use of a clear float glass painted white will give an aquarium look and feel, it is as per our customer's specific requirements and we would advise you accordingly.

Double Glazed Sealed Units

At Harrow Glass, we supply made to measure double glazing sealed units made to your specifications, the lead time is usually three to four working days

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